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About Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Developed and Published by the Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development; Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is one of the Social Simulation Series game released in October 2017. The game allows the players to interact with a town of residents, engage in commerce, perform some tasks and even decorate the living spaces. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is available for iOS and Android users now in Australia with a worldwide release set for late November this year. After the launch, the game received a warm reception in the market that saw it ranked top on the App Store within the first twelve hours. Unlike Nintendo's first game in the series, Animal Crossing is more of a pure-game app that connects to the world of Animal Crossing for a more dedicated gaming system.


After a series of delayed announcements on the release date; the mobile game was later launched in October 2017. This mobile game together with Fire Emblem from the same developer was among the first games to be chosen for mobile installment with an aim of increasing diversity among the consumers interested in Nintendo.


Animal crossing game play is quite engaging. It can be challenging for beginners, but the story line is simple and relatable. It also focuses on making friends, gathering stuff, exploring the available resources and crafting. Since Animal crossing is never an aimless experience; the player always drives towards a primary goal. The goal here is to build a campsite, decorate it to provide fun and attracts more visiting campers. The crafting system allows you to gather resources such as wood & cotton to build furniture presented in a pre-set catalog. Once you've all the resources for the furniture; you can craft it in the in-game menu & place it wherever inside the camp. The decoration of the furniture is an available option where you can make them more attractive and improve their outside appearance.

Making Friends

Animal crossing is livelier with its friendship features available in abundance. Making friends with the other animals in quite important as this attracts them to your camp more often. One way to develop and boost friendship is to greet them and help perform tasks for them. Doing this often is an open secret to having an active and healthy camp. Player's avatar can also travel to different locations, saltwater shores, sunbursts island, and marketplaces selling avatar clothing and furniture. The customization options also extend to the avatar's gender, recreational vehicle abode and facial traits.

The neighbors in the recreational sites can reward the player with various crafting materials for completing the requests. Local carpenters utilize these resources into pools, furniture, and new locations. The player can also attract specific characters by placing the most relevant and favorite furniture at the campsite. Every visit counts, where the relationship's experience level increases.

Unique Features

The mobile game introduced a microtransaction currency called Leaf Tickets where the player can use it to craft without raw materials or reduce the in-game timers. Leaf tickets can be accrued by completing the in-game tasks or by buying the currency outright via a real-world app store. Leaf tickets can also be used to trade for some special event furniture in the campsite. Nintendo's developers plan to introduce seasonal events & furniture in the mobile game with limited availability.

When it's well executed, Animal crossing Pocket Camp has a higher potential to be the biggest mobile game in the series. The free-to-play business model is another feature of marvel that boosts the gameplay and its success in the competitive market. Animal crossing is more of a natural fit for all Android and IOS smartphones with its focus on daily play, communication, and small in-game purchases. The series also has proven mainstream appeal; 3DS & DS games, Wild World & New Leaf both which sold more than 10 million copies worldwide.

Character Customization Feature

This new feature enables you to dress up your own character in many possible combinations of the over 150 clothing items available. This feature allows changing of the shoes, top, bottoms, sunglasses and even thrown in a hat to get that unique character of choice. This feature is quite deep and fun to play with. At the launch, some of the common characters spotted include Isabelle; the main helper and even the guitar player, KK Slider. There are also other new and a bunch of recognizable characters in the game.

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