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Brave Frontier Overview

Brave Frontier was developed by A-Lim and released back in 2013. This game is available on Windows Phone, Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire and it is a free-to-play Japanese Role Playing Game (JRPG), with in-app purchases. This game has been catching the eye of many gamers because it is possible to play the entire game without having to spend some cash and realize a genuine gaming experience.

Heavily Influenced by the Classics

In terms of the visuals, there is no doubt that the game is heavily influenced by the bygone era popular JRPG games such as Romancing SaGa, Namco’s Tales series, and Valkyrie Profile. The strategy adopted in terms of gameplay and appearance is a sound marketing strategy. As a mobile gamer, you are guaranteed of arousing a nostalgic feeling of the long gone times.

The visual effects and the art adopted for this mobile game is far more detailed than you would expect. You are also guaranteed to be intrigued to play the game further because of its background music.

Key Features of the Brave Frontier

• PvP Arena: A player is able to fight against other players in the Brave Frontier arena for achieving arena-only rewards.
• Co-operative Gameplay: It is possible to participate in raid battles together with other players.
• Turn-based RPG Combat: The turn-based system has a unique depth made possible through the Spark and Burst systems of the game.
• More than 200 units available for collection: It is possible for a player to discover numerous beasts and gods to defeat enemies with.

Brave Frontier Gameplay

In this particular game, just like with other good RPG, there is a land to be saved in the form of Grand Gaia. The location is magical and it is home to hidden powerful power meant for annihilating its strange creatures, even though it has been cordoned off by fallen gods. This is where you come in as a summoner.

As a summoner, you are allowed to access the magical land via Lucius’ Gate. With the help of Tilith, a guide, you are able to be introduced to core gaming concepts such as the summoning of units, making them more powerful by fusing them together, and commanding them into a battle.

Through turn-based battles, you are required to fight your way through numerous creatures. For each quest, your team can be comprised of 5 units. One unit must be designated as the leader of your team. You should choose wisely the team leader since every decision made will affect every member of your team.

The Brave Burst feature employed by this game makes it even more interesting compared with similar games. When you hit your enemies, they drop battle crystals, which if you manage to collect a particular amount, increase your Brave Burst bar. Brave Burst is also referred to as Super Move, Special, Limit Break, etc. By being able to activate your Brave Burst, your enemies are able to experience massive damages. It also helps in healing your team, depending on the unit type, and providing team support.

Understand that the strength of the particular heroes that you can add is limited because there is a total cost for a team. Also, it should be noted that you can always spend the currency of the game for the purpose of reviving your dead party against enemies already weakened. You only do that if it is worth it, or else gained items during the stage run will be lost.

In conclusion, considering the nice visuals, particularly the character designs, excellent soundtrack, and nostalgic gameplay, this is a really impressive game. That is even though it may not be timeless like other 1990s games such as Final Fantasy VI, Valkyrie Profile, and Chrono Trigger that have influenced its design.

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