FIFA 17 was one of the most eagerly anticipated games in 2016. EA has added some new features to make this version even better. They have also added several new teams.

1. Journey Mode: This is one of the most exciting features of FIFA 17. Other sport games like NBA had mode since a long time, but FIFA has introduced it for the first time. And it definitely lives up to the expectations. You will get to play as Alex Hunter, a young 17 year old guy who is just starting out his football career in the English Premier League. Your objective is to take him to the top. You will get the option to choose which team you want to start with. But after that, it completely depends on your performance in the matches and in the training session. You also get to choose whether you want to control only Hunter or the entire team. This is a great feature which lets you focus just on your main man. The clubs can be a bit strict at times. If you get red carded or fail to score for a few matches, then you may be sent to loan at a different club. The entire journey is also brilliantly complemented by several cut shots, where you can see your agent making a deal for you or your friend having a fight against you. And just like most other footballers, you are also going to have a loving mother, jealous friends and a clever agent. Thus, it is very much realistic and is a welcome addition to this game.

2. FIFA Ultimate Team: This has always been one of the best features of FIFA. Here, you will have to take charge of a club and lead your team to the top. It is not as easy it sounds. Initially, you will begin with some low ranked players. In order to unlock better players, you have to win more matches and tournaments. There is also a Transfer Market, where you can buy new players or sell your players. It is also your responsibility to train your players and make sure that the chemistry between them is great. There have been some complaints that the Ultimate Team was a bit complex, and it was not easy for the new players. However, FIFA has worked on this and in this latest version, the interface is much more user friendly and easy to navigate. There is also a very well made tutorial, which will guide you.

3. Every League is Different: This is also one of the best features of FIFA 17. Evey league you play has its own specific attributes. For example, the English Premiere League games are much more physical compared to the other leagues. Hence, here you need to have physically strong players. On the contrary, the La Liga games are much more tactical. And in the Bundesliga, most of the teams prefer to play counter attacking football.

4. Gameplay: FIFA has moved to the Frostbite engine, which makes the game play much more realistic. For example, in the previous versions, often the shots or headers used to just fly above the net. However, in FIFA 17, there is the option for Driven Headers or Driven Shots, which will help you to keep the ball low. This is one of the main reasons why most of the FIFA 17 games are very high scoring. Set Pieces are also much easier this time.

5. Graphics: The FIFA franchise was always well known for their great graphics. However, this year, they have taken it to a whole new level. All the players look great, and they are also more expressive this season. For example, you will often find players throwing a disgusted look at the referee or shouting to their team mates for not passing. All this makes the game much more realistic. The beautiful graphics is also complemented well by an amazing soundtrack. They have also added several new lines for the commentators in this version.

Verdict: Overall, FIFA 17 ticks all the right boxes. It is a great addition to the series with some new, exciting features like ‘ Journey Mode’. The graphics are also perfect and the game play is also better than the previous versions.

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