FIFA 18 is the newest iteration in the FIFA series. Electronic Arts is the developer and publisher of this sports video game simulation. Back in January 2017, Electronic Arts announced during the Nintendo Switch Presentation a custom built port of FIFA 18 on the Nintendo Switch console. As opposed to Frostbite engine, the Nintendo Switch version runs on an internally developed game engine. The Switch version exclude the story based Journey mode but includes a Career mode.

When docked to a TV, the Switch version runs 60 frames per second at a resolution of 1080p. In a tabletop / handheld mode, the Switch version runs 60 frames per second at 720p. The Ultimate Team makes its first ever appearance on the Switch mode running on a Nintendo System. The Switch version has some exclusive features such as the local multiplayer and the Switch Kick-Off mode.

The game was released across the world on September 29. It works on multiple platforms, including PlayStation 3 and 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and 360, as well as Nintendo Switch. The cover of the game’s retail box features the popular football player Cristiano Ronaldo from the Real Madrid team.

The critics’ reviews for FIFA 18 were mostly favorable. The variety of game modes on offer, the Daily Objectives, and the constant updated in FUT’s Team of the Week are among the most appreciated features of the game. It seems that FIFA 18 is successful in its aim to translate the world of football into a video game. In the FIFA series this is, in fact, the 25th installment. It is also the second iteration in the series to use the Frostbite 3 game engine in some of its versions. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions include a story based mode call “The Journey“.

FIFA 18 simulates association footbal. The sports video game features a total of 82 football fields, including 30 generic fields and 52 fully licensed stadiums. The series also include all 20 Premier League stadiums. Alan McInally, Alan Smith, Mike West, Geoff Shreeves, Ron Atkinson, Andy Townsend, Clive Tyldesley and Martin Tyler provide the commentaries.

The new version of the Legends is now called Ultimate Team Icons. This feature is playable on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC versions of the game. The Ultimate Team added Diego Maradona as a legend, joining Thierry Henry, Lev Yashin, Ronaldo, and Pele.

The third tier of Germany’s Bundesliga is featured in FIFA 18, as well as the Saudi Arabia national football team, the Iceland national football team, New Zealand’s both men’s and women’s teams, and the Turkish Super League. FIFA 18 also introduces Quick Subs, allowing the player to make a sub in case that the ball is going out of play. The Career Mode allows now players to watch interactive transfer negotiations as well as to see new singings unveiled. All the squad lists and kits are updated.

EA aimed to make this sports game look so good with added realism. Hair springs as the players dribble beyond defenders and shirts ruffle in the breeze. The game resemble at times to a movie. Fans of the FIFA series will certainly enjoy the newly released FIFA 18.

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