FIFA 18 is here and it has some wonderful upgrades on the FIFA 17 version. As a starter, FIFA 18 is way ahead of FIFA 17 in terms of game control, the fluidity of the action and passing. It is amazing the way EA sports over the years have developed this product and continuing on its bid to be the best of the football gaming that is available. With this new launch, it appears that EA sports has finally managed to put together all the pieces of improvement it has been doing all these years and we now have one complete package for the ultimate gaming experience.

The enhancement of the gaming experience to make it more real like has to be one of the first noticeable things in the latest FIFA 18. FIFA 18, since the inception has been surviving on its presentation rather than the real time game play and tactical options when compared to its rivals PES or Konami. However this year, they have worked towards enhancing the gamin experience as well. Few of the changes that are worth noticing include:

  • The game is more responsive, a big improvement over the previous years where many a time you either end up in committing a shot early or late due to the system not responding to your move. This makes the game smoother and fast paced.
  • The turns now look more realistic and quick. You can now make some pretty sharp turns on the run while dribbling. This helps you to effectively sprint or dribble past the defenders and retain the control over the ball unlike earlier where the option was to have a long ball and potentially lose the ball when faced with defenders.
  • The pace of a player would be a great factor in FIFA 18 as never been before. You could now have couple of wingers with pace on the flanks destroying the defenses.
  • The overall visual effects have taken a huge boost and it would not be a wrong statement to say that the players never looked better than what they look now in FIFA 18.

EA Sports also seems to have now made an effort on improving the offline modes as well which has been long due some serious upgrade. There is a long way to go when compared to the offline modes of other games; nevertheless it is a huge improvement towards the right direction. It also features an offline mode called squad battles which helps in earning coins, a feature only possible earlier by competing with other players online. Another good to notice update is with the manger profile. FIFA 18 now makes the transfer negotiations with other managers look more real time- managers actually entering the cabins of other mangers, submitting the bids, negotiating deals, trading players etc. A new story, “The Journey – The hunter returns “is engaging and provides a deeper and darker tone.

There are still few areas where the improvements are needed in FIFA 18. The Custom tactics are still as earlier and it would be good if the option was there to use more of the latest tactics that are being used in the modern football. Regular players of FIFA 18 would observe that the defending features of the game have also improved with improved tackling and ball stealing. However, a new comer would find it a challenge to be able to time the moves precisely.

Overall FIFA 18 is a great upgrade on the earlier versions and does indicate that the developers are fast making moves in the right directions.

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