FIFA 18 is the latest and most updated FIFA games to date. This football game is developed by EA Sports which is one of the most respected sports video games company. In this particular game there are different football completions which are exciting and enjoyable. The developers of this particular version have made numerous improvements on different aspects of the game. These improvements are mainly meant to make the game more enjoyable and feel like almost playing real football. The improvements are based on the previous versions where the developers have tried to rectify the complaints that were in the previous versions. This game is available on PS4, PS3, Xbox One (version tested), Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox 360.

How to Play

FIFA 18 is simple to play especially for gamers who enjoy football. The users are managers and have the options to form teams and compete with other forms. Users get to buy players just like in the real life where teams can buy players from other teams. There is a limit on the number of players that a user can buy depending on the funds available and there is also a transfer window which dictates when users can buy players. There are different types of tournaments and they are based on the real life tournaments and competitions. Users get to decide the tournament or competition they want to play in depending on the teams they choose. The users can choose to compete against the system or compete with other users. This means that the game can be played by more than one user in the same place or in different places. One just needs to use the settings and options available on the game.

The Improvements Made to the Game

Most of the aspects of the previous versions of FIFA have been maintained in FIFA 18. But there are some aspects which have been improved to make the game more enjoyable to play. Some of the improvements include the upgrading of the game’s offline modes where the offline users can now get more options than they had on the previous versions. Another improvement is that now users do not have to concede because a player is still finishing the last move. In this version when a player is disposed or commits an inexplicable error the player is able to respond immediately without losing time. This has made defending easier even for the teams that do not have big defenders.

Another major improvement on this game is that EA has unlocked animations consequently making everything much smoother, faster and more responsive. This makes this game almost similar to the real life football games played in different fields. Players are also able to make sharper moves when dribbling, sprint much better and make intricate little touches so as to move between defenders instead of knocking the ball yards away which increases chances of losing the ball. This game has also included the latest transfers that have happened in real life football. Players such as Mbappe and Neymar are included on the PSG squad. A player like Lacazzate is also included on the Arsenal squad therefore confirming that FIFA 18 is totally updated.

This modern game also comes on the Frostbite engine which provides tremendous details under the floodlight and in the bright daylight. The players in this latest version do not suffer from claymation effect which was a major issue in the past versions. Furthermore, during the transfer window one can engage in real time transfer negotiations with other managers. The offline users get to enjoy a new mode known as Squad Battles which allows the offline user to determine how their teams perform and also allows them to control the teams of other players.


  • Top class graphics with high quality lighting details that makes every detail to be seen clearly
  • The ultimate team stands out as the top mode in sports game
  • The ability to negotiate as a manager makes this game even more enjoyable because the users get to determine the amounts they want to spend on different players
  • Availability in different forums which gives the users more options to choose from


It is challenging to go far enough for some when it comes to career mode improvement.

Final Verdict

It is evident that FIFA 18 is the leading sports game mainly because of the many improvements done on the game and the newly introduced features. EA Sports has worked hard to ensure all the flows in the previous versions have been dealt with. The game has also been made more interactive and users get more control of the game. Therefore, FIFA 18 is an outstanding computer football game that provides gamers with an opportunity of enjoying the improved version of the game.

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