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Golf Clash Review

Golf Clash, which is a real-time multiplayer created by Playdemic, enables the gamers to try out 1v1, challenge their Facebook buddies or even come across a random competitor while playing the game online. The game features simple controls that allow individuals to have a great time playing on amazing courses. At present, both iOS, as well as Android users, are able to play Golf Clash. Folks who do not get lots of opportunities to play the game in actual life will find this game to be really entertaining.

Golf Clash makes a brief tutorial for the newbies which points out the key mechanics of playing the game. While playing your main objective would be to place the ball inside the hole in as few shots as possible. To make a great shot, the ball must be swiped backward and power meters can also be used for establishing the power and precision of the shot. The ball must be released in order to take that shot. Furthermore, you may also take the help of the ball guide in advance to achieve the right shot.

Golf Clash likewise features a wide selection of clubs which are classified as a driver, long iron, wood, short iron and so on. Every single club is different when it comes to their precision, ball guide lengths, and spin ability. It is possible to unlock these clubs by means of cards which can be won by playing games. You can also upgrade these clubs. Additionally, a wide selection of balls is also available. You will gain access to the basic balls in unlimited numbers. However, Navigator, Marlin, Quasar, and the like are obtainable in a limited number only and they must be earned by opening boxes when the games are completed.

A specific power-up is featured by every single ball, for instance, more side spin, wind resistance, power, and greater precision. You will come across a couple of game modes here. You may either challenge an arbitrary online gamer or just play with your buddies. 10 different types of games are available which will differ in prize money as well as their entry fee. You will be able to unlock the best achievements which will earn you free coins, awesome upgrades, as well as clubs. It is also feasible to have a look at your position starting at beginner levels and ending at expert.

Golf Clash can boast of incredible graphics and the golf courses are magnificently detailed allowing the gamer to have a real-life experience. Furthermore, the realistic sound effects plus background music provide the game with a practical look.

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