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About Harry Potter Wizards Unite


Since the launch of Harry Potter' Wizard Unite, it has really garnered an amazing following. Well, if you have engaged the Pokemon' Go before you will realize they are similar to some extent.

Nonetheless, the Harry Potter' Wizard Unite' incorporates more complex layers which makes it a little bit complicated. There are those who find the game being too overwhelming and complicated as a result of its sheer features. Therefore, here is what you need to know about the game.

The Premise

The world of the wizard is struggling with the appearance of magic which cannot be traced around the Muggle world. This great outbreak poses a threat of exposing the worlds of wizarding that protects the secrecy statute. In order to counter this, the Magic Ministry has come up with the task force of wizards and the witches. Their responsibility is to identify' the magic traces and bring them to an end.

The Profile Set-up

The Harry Potter Wizards Unite provides options for customization of the character, but rather than making use of the Avatar, one can utilize the AR' face stickers and filters to help towards profile image customization.

Here you need to key in the name, Hogwarts House, title, type of wand and the profession. You are also allowed to go for any wand that is appealing to you. You can choose between the wand core, wood type', length and flexibility. It is on this step' you are allowed to add more friends that will be playing. This will assure you great achievements and experiences in the time of Fortress battles.

The function friends are very limited and there are no things such as gifts like those in Pokemon'. Additionally, it might be difficult accessing the profiles of your friends, therefore, getting friend requests is through the username.

The Suitcase

When you begin the actual playing, you will be able to spot the Suitcase button' situated at the bottom of the screen. This acts as the hub for different items which include:

-The Potions - this help to improve the statistics following your profession.

-The Registry - foundables are collected here.

-The Vault - This contains various ingredients, potions, seeds, runes and items of utility.

-Profession Menu - it helps one to upgrade the statistics depending on the profession.

-The portkeys' list is activated through walking and availing the special rewards.


The Harry Potter Wizards Unite makes use of a format that is closely related to the Pokemon' Go. This shows the character on the map depending on locations' and the real world. The map is decorated with items and buildings that you can interact with.

The Building

From the map, you will notice' several buildings built with varied styles. This is similar to the Pokemon Go, these depend on the real-life' locations on the environment.


The Wizard Unite' operate via a group of assignments. Most of these' daily assignments should be completed' through 24/hr' time. On the other hand,' the long-term assignment can be brought into completion with time. Keeping close watch' of the game' daily through extra rewards.


The last thing you need to know about playing' Wizards' Unite is the professions. There exist 3' kinds of professions. They include Professors, Aurors, and Magizoologists.

-The Magizoologists' acts as the Hagrid' of Wizards. They work well for healing and defense. They also help to shield against' damage that could be inflicted through by' the enemy.

-The Aurors is Harry Potter. This perfectly works to suppress' the Dark' Arts. These are highly powerful' on the attack' although they have a very weak spot when defending.

-The McGonagalls' professors, this is the option' of the middle-ground. They prove to be less or more equally' balanced in between the defense and the attack.


Therefore, if considering' the success' of the Pokemon' Go and the general popularity associated with Franchise Harry Potter. The product has proved to be more mature' compared to the Pokemon' Go. The Harry Potter' - Wizard Unite' boasts of a lot of skills, creatures, and the unlocks which you need to explore through.


Harry Potter Wizards Unite Tips and Tricks

Among the free mobile games in place currently is the Harry Potter Wizards Unite. With a clear guide of this game, you will have all the required information on the overall mechanics of it. Herein are tips and tricks to help starters get through in the entire Wizards Unite journey.

Sign in every day

Enthusiasts of this game will like to level up as quick as possible in this game. To achieve these dreams, you need to consider playing it as much as possible and explore the whole world of this game. But then, not all days you may turn out to be lucky as such, for that reason, you can get out and have a rest.

The best thing about this game is that players are provided with daily bonuses whenever you load up the game. Even if a particular day you miss playing the game, consider loading it to earn XP, some potions, gold, ingredients and other more bonuses in place.

Complete daily tasks

To get all the important ingredients and potions and level up faster, you should consider taking up the daily provided assignments even if they seem to be like a chore to perform. The game provided for different assignments, these are the daily assignments, the achievements, some special assignments, and the SOS assignments. All these are found just right at the lower right world map screen corner.

You can stand up a chance to add up to your daily pool a lot of XP by simply concentrating on completing all these given assignments. The assignments can also provide you other goodies like 10-15 gold every day to use in purchasing other items in Diagon Alley and also other important potions that will lead you to success.

Get all traces with light beams

You need to consider keeping the eyes peeled for a shooting beam of light right from traces you can notice in the globe; all these are worthy of all the time you can spend on them since they are high-risk Foundables. The reward to this is usually high and to complete your registry, there is a need to get as many rare Foundables as you can.

The beam of light’s color that comes right from the trace is also more significant as it is there to represent the difficulty. It will be moderately hard to retrieve a particular Foundable if it’s yellow in color. On the other hand, there is an extreme difficulty to release in case the light beam is red in color. Difficult Confoundable can, however, be conquered by using the Exstimulo Potions.

Find Oddities by playing at night

The most difficult Foundables that can be gotten are the Oddities; they can actually be only gotten during the night hours. So, to find them, consider evening playing to acquire them.

The Oddities normally works a little bit different from other normal known Foundables. With them, you need to simply battle them simply like when you are at a Wizarding Challenge. So to get through, there is a need to have in place the healing potions, a good amount of Spell Energy and Exstimulo potions just right before you start taking them.

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