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About Homescapes

Puzzle and matching games are good ways of exercising our brains. They make us think critically before arriving at conclusions. If you are having a boring day, puzzle games offer a perfect escape route. One puzzle and matching game that you need to try out is Homescapes. Here is a complete review f the game and you can determine whether it is worth your time.


Homescapes is a match-3 paired puzzle game that's accompanied by a home decorating simulator. The game is based around Austin, a professional butler who has the exact looks of a butler. Austin is planning to go back home to restore his childhood home. It is on this topic that the whole game rotates around.

When he gets home, Austin finds his home in a total mess and now has to face the herculean task of restoring it. To make the matter worse, his parents are planning to sell the home and move somewhere else. He now focuses on replacing some items, repairing damages in the house and even replacing some pieces of furniture.

Austin also has a difficult task of convincing his parents not to sell the home and this won't happen through words. He has to demonstrate to them by turning the home into a valuable and lovely place. You can put your hand in the restoration process by matching the gems in their respective colors. If you have ever played Playrix's Fantastic match-3 simulation, navigating through Homescapes won't be an issue. They have many similarities that especially regarding the gameplay.

Home restoration

Homescapes is split into two distinct phases. The first stage mainly highlights home renovation process. You are made aware of the goals that you should help Austin to achieve. Although you have an option of failing to complete the goals, decorating a home with different materials is always fun and rewarding.

In this section, you will also enjoy seeing Austin interact with his parents and other friends. There are tons of actions and some dialogue that accompany the job.


The second stage of Homescapes is puzzle gameplay. When you are not watching out for Austin or decorating the house, you can try out the current match-3 level puzzle. The section is divided into different levels whereby you c gain more stars and earn some coins. Coins will help you purchase, furniture that will be used in decorating the house.


  • Has a perfect graphics that make the game feel real.
  • A combination of house remodeling and match-3 puzzle makes the game fun and interesting.
  • You can use boosters to speed up your progress.
  • Cons

  • Match-3 stages are quite difficult to go through.

  • Verdict

    Homescapes is both fun and educative. As you enjoy decorating Austin's house, you will also be learning new ways of solving problems. For instance, you will appreciate the virtue of constantly upgrading things in a slow but calculated way.

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