The uniqueness and authenticity depicted by the NBA 2K18 put it in a class of its own. The game play and gaming environment, as well as the players, now take up real life façade that can make you feel like you are controlling real players in a live game.

This simulation game is developed by Visual Concept, and it can be played both in the single-player and multi-player modes. No other game could compete with it since inception, which underscores its uniqueness. Many see it as a simulation of the real thing, rather than just another video game. NBA 2K18 supports nine languages and comes with several other top end features as highlighted below:

Game Features

MyTeam feature allows the player to compete in several offline and online game modes.MyPlayer mode enables the player to do virtually anything he feels like, including roaming between games in complete freedom.Create A Player feature allows you to create a player to suit your specific desires. You can equally scan your face using the MyNBA2K18 mobile app, and the scanned face can be used in creating a new player.Overarching meta-game feature rewards the player each time MyPLAYER’s overall rating is improved.The shot meter in the game is equally revamped; this ensures an exceptional ease of control.Furthermore, NBA 2K18 features renewed shot feedback graphics, which can tell if you are close enough to a shot and how open your player is for a shot.This realistic game equally allows you to create hefty players since such players are more dependable for winning games.The dribble moves in the NBA 2K18 is far more intuitive than what obtains in previous versions.Also, the game is designed to give bigger and better players upper hands compared to the average players.

In the MyPlayer mode, your player can visit the gym in between games. He can carry out various exercises for performance enhancement, like weight lifting and sprinting. Furthermore, your player can visit the footlocker, NBA store and 2K store to DJ or play varieties of games.

Your player can equally visit the barber’s shop for a clean haircut. A visit to the tattoo parlor will also be in order. The story mode included in this game is one of the features that will further increase its popularity when finally released.

NBA 2K18 is all about basketball, but the gameplay, modes, presentations and total devotion to realism ensure it can set the pace in the gaming world. The NBA 2K11 was a great game, but NBA 2K18 is expected to be greater in all ramifications.

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