NBA 2K18 has been the latest talk of most gamers, especially because of the incredible features it is coming with. It is expected to bring a whole new gaming experience. NBA 2K18 – Run the Neighborhood is an advanced game that is designed to give an amazing feel of play. It surely is the best advancement of its predecessor NBA 2K17.

Realism is very important to every gamer. The feel of the game gets bigger and better with this game. Run The Neighborhood comes with outstanding graphics that gives quality pictures. The players look so real and enhanced. All of them are expertly scanned and featured the same way they are in real life. Monitoring their strength is also possible as it is openly displayed for you. Their performance varies depending on their strengths and a big gap is created to differentiate between average and star players. The game play is so smooth and remains clear and concise at all times.

Proper ball handling is important in basketball. The NBA 2K18 comes equipped with mighty players who are dribbling and passing the ball in a very convincing manner. New stunts are included for specific individuals. Playing the game remains so easy because the players are quick enough and remains efficient even when shooting and defending. 2K has totally hit the nail on its head with this amazing product that is highly responsive.


  1. Road to 99 – All your activities including Pro-Am, My Career, The Park, overall My Player’s rating, badges, animations and attributes gets combined and gives you a rating out that is out of an 99. This unified system defines your style of play and awards you with a badge.
  2. The neighborhood – Building an NBA career starts here. You can play in the Playground Courts and circuit Pro-Am or explore the area.
  3. Own player – Create the player of your choice and enhance his looks. You can also scan yourself using the 2K18 phone app and use the image.
  4. Own team – Come up with a team that comprises of the leading NBA players and use it in competitions.
  5. Super max – Come up with a team that can be paid and participate in a season for a chance to win prizes.
  6. Schedule your challenges – Earn points through competing against 30 different NBA teams.
  7. Pack and Playoffs – Create your own team of 5 men and reshuffle them each round while competing with other users who have ready teams.


NBA 2K18 is a very interesting basketball game that is designed to give you a new, real and unique experience. It is an outstanding game that should not be missed by any gamer. It is wholly designed to give you the gaming experience that you have been missing. Run The Neighborhood should definitely not miss in your collection.

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