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NBA Live Mobile Game Overview


NBA Live Mobile is a sport-sim experience that comes with several actions, digital-analog' stick located on the left side of the screen. The NBA live mobile assures a lot of hope in delivering new and more interesting mobile' sports experience in gaming.

How To Get Started?

Just like any other applications, the first thing which needs to be done is setting up the process. This includes setting the login preference, username, age, and the favorite team. Go through the tutorial which involves taking you through the basics on how to pass, and shoot.

The Game Play

NBA Live can be compared with the Madden NFL mobile when it comes to gameplay. One is provided with 4 modes which include head to head, live events, leagues and seasons. In order to engage these modes, you are required to build a team. You will always be provided with a starter pack of players you need to engage. These players are mostly divided into varied lineups and skills.

Live games involve season games and various skin challenges which help towards skill improvement. Some of them are usually blocked until you attain the right skill level. Head to the head brings on board the individuals participating in those games whereby you can challenge anyone for a match.

Engaging the season is not very different from playing the traditional consoles. The only exception is that you may not be able to play very many games and every quarter lasts for at least 2 minutes.

The last mode that comes with the gameplay is the league. There are different leagues which you can participate in. You realize that every event will cost you stamina. After hitting level 10' you'll gain at least 16’ stamina instead of 15'.


The control refers to a short' area where you can go over and be able to maneuver it. At the bottom, left side, there is 'Joystick' to help you move around. Towards the right, it is categorized into two main categories, which are defense and offense. The offense is made up of drive, pass, and' shoot while defense has two controls’ which includes block and guard. Therefore, when you go through these tutorials you will be able to effectively use them.

In order to have all the extras, you need to purchase random' player packs. You can purchase them using real money, or the money' you might have earned through winning some challenges and as you go up the levels. The more you play, the better' the experience and the more you will be able to rise up on levels. Whenever you want to have a specific player or get rid of excess players, you should utilize the auction section’.


EA has been able to improve their game through the use of the best pocket' version' of basketball. The graphics provided are very smooth and they don't experience hiccups or any sign of lag. This is only possible if you have graphics on mobile, although movements and the appearance of players should come out as expected.


NBA Live' is generally a fun game which you should engage in. It comes out in a very simple manner to enable the starters to understand it and elegant for seasoned gamers to enjoy them.

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