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About Paladins Champions of the Realm

Paladins is actually a team-based, first-person shooter produced by Hi-Rez Studios. the game continues to be in its beta and above all, playing it will not cost a dime.

It is a lot more like a MOBA game and not simply an ordinary FPS which makes Paladins different from the rest.


Here you will come across an array of winners all of whom have an exclusive set of powers that make them excel at their particular tasks.

Presently, the game features 3 modes: Siege, Onslaught as well as Payload. The winners are split into 4 groups, namely, Frontlines, Damage, Support, and Flanks.

The game, being an awesome 5v5 multi-player, redefines skill instead of lowering its skill ceiling. A participant having great game sense and team skills can easily outplay a gamer having a precise aim. The winner will be decided by his ability to understand when to regroup, when to engage, and also when to take advantage of their skills at a favorable moment.

An important feature that sets the game apart is the customization level available for each winner. You may have different loadouts that perform various jobs. You will have the privilege of choosing 1 in 3 legendary cards in the initial stages of the game which can change your winner dramatically. You can likewise obtain credits while playing the game that can be invested on purchasing abilities.

The customization level makes this shooter an incredibly strategic game. It is extremely crucial to comprehend how to tackle your enemy with in-game skills and also select particular abilities that assist in minimizing the effectiveness of the enemy champions. One significant drawback of the game is balance. Many champions are much better as compared to the others and have a comparatively reduced skill ceiling. You won't come across any tutorial at the start because of which gamers find themselves playing Paladin just like any other FPS. Due to the terrible matchmaking system gamers are often paired up with a very low win rate against an incredibly competent or coordinated team.

Moreover, the majority of the champions, as well as cards, are locked and although it is feasible to unlock them using in-game currency the thinning currency gain does not help the cause.


The art style of Paladins is somewhat "questionable" yet it's nonetheless gorgeous. Although the map designs aren't that remarkable, the game continues to be in its beta phase and there is enough of room for improvement.


You won't find anything special when it comes to the game's soundtrack which literally fails to stick out. The winners, however, have distinctive voice lines that assist in developing a link between the gamer and the winner. The personality of the champions is addressed perfectly by the voice lines which make Paladins much more interesting.


There is hardly any doubt about the fact that Paladins is amongst the best free games out there. Nevertheless, the lack of focus on the part of the developers on platform-specific balancing has made this game a bit irritating. Having said that, it does offer plenty of fun and will be a great place to start, in case, you are unsure about MOBA shooters. There might not be a lengthy listing of maps or a wide array of game modes but this gets negated with thrilling action that can keep anyone engaged for hours together.

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