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Paladins Strike Overview

Paladins Strike, from the stables of Hi-Rez Studios is the latest addition to the roster of mobile MOBA games. The game is a spin-off of the original Paladins: Champions of the-Realm, a first-person shooter that is available on desktop and consoles and brings the action to your mobile.


The gameplay is similar to that we have seen on other mobile MOBA games but unlike other mobile MOBA games that shamelessly copied the gameplay of existing MOBA's(think DOTA), Paladins Strike has fresh maps and retains the essence of the original Paladins.

The game is played in a 5v5 format with teams focusing on capturing intended points, summoning a tank like Juggernaut and destroying towers to achieve victory.

Game Modes

Other than the Daily Quests which you complete to obtain rewards, there are three game modes, namely Summons, the Siege, and Deathmatch.

Summons - The objective of this mode is to destroy Check Points till you reach the final point. Summon the Juggernaut and then aid your team to help the Juggernaut reach the enemy tower, destroying which will grant victory to your team. Only the Juggernaut can destroy the enemy tower and so, the players have to focus on strategy and teamwork rather than rely on an individual's twitch gameplay.

Siege - This game mode is based on Payload as seen on the original Paladins. But unlike Paladins, the team has to attain two points instead of four to attain victory. The players have to focus on trying to reach the checkpoints, as the first team to do so wins the first point. So, the basic objective of this mode is to push the payload to the enemy base, earn points and try to stay alive.

Deathmatch -The most exciting of them all is the Deathmatch mode, which lets the team face 30 enemies at a time. The winning team is decided by comparative analysis with the opposing team and points are awarded based on the number of total kills, number of team members deaths, damage done to the enemies, damage taken and amount of healing attained. This mode is currently under development and may see additional changes.

Graphics and Controls

The graphics incorporated in the game is definitely a treat for your eyes. The 2D visuals and the effects are better than what we have seen on existing games in the same genre and definitely do not lag if you bump up your FPS to the max. Although you might experience lag if you play on a slow connection, but that isn't the game's fault now is it?

The controls are intuitive and easy to grasp with a virtual joystick on the left to control the player's movements and buttons on the right which activate the various abilities of the hero that you have chosen. The targeting mechanism is automated and the enemy has to be within the range of the hero's weapon for them to attack. The auto-targeting helps out fairly as you are playing on a much smaller mobile screen rather than a desktop.

Though the game is currently soft-launched in Australia and may see further updates, the rest of the world will have to wait a little for the worldwide release.

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