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About Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 is an epic RPG-Fighting game. It's the third game in the series from Nekki. With its focus on incredibly smooth animations, the game is more interactive than its predecessor. What's more, the graphics are on top of their class. The player can collect new moves and weapons and combine them the way they like. Everything about the game is spot on thanks to the brilliant technology.


The game kicks off by allowing the player to step into the world of shadows to reveal all the dark secrets. To become a real warrior, you have to defend yourself during the rough times. The player chooses the three different styles, combines the gear, and learns some fresh moves. Besides that, you can experiment the new abilities to make the gaming experience more comprehensive. The added boosters and the Shadow ability make the battling experience fierce. The game aims to reduce the health bar of your opponent to zero before they do the same to you. Of course, there are other missions/quests to keep you busy.


The developer has brought massive enhancement to the graphics. This gives the game a realistic outlook. The 3D polygonal models are nicely pictured, and all angles are seen properly. Plus, there is a significant emphasis on amours and weapons. The colorful animations along with visual effects give life to the screen.

Excellent Controls

The controls make Shadow Fight 3 complete. There is a separate hands/legs control for learning a move and a directional stick for punching and kicking. You can also move forward, backward or jump in any direction.

Fighting and Defense

Fighting is a core part of the game. Since timing is a big deal here, you must keep an eye on your enemy before attacking them. Blocking is the perfect way of creating an opening for punching. Although you can mix your moves as often as possible, a few kicks could open your enemy's defenses. This means you must make your movements unpredictable. The right time to attack your enemy is when they are on the ground or in a corner. Alternatively, you can wait for your opponent to make a mistake and then launch your attack.

As you fight through the matches, you'll earn gold. You can use it to change your weapon or the fighting style of your character. Ideally, fighting with two daggers makes the attack quick and precise compared to just using a sword. That said, every gear has its shadow ability. Don't forget to pay attention to the combos.

Multi-player Mode

You can either choose player vs. player mode or test your skills against other gamers.


  • Easy navigation to make combos
  • Realistic graphics and animations
  • You can easily chat with the top players through the chat channel. Also, you can get your scores shared around the globe on the players' record board.
  • The player can upgrade the game after a new release.
  • Ability to create a fighting style and costumes that suit your game pattern.
  • You can build a formidable team to help you achieve your dream faster.
  • Diverse collections including hundreds of perks and super moves to combat enemies.
  • As you engage in the ultimate journey, you get some rewards.
  • Cons

  • Even though the game is now in full 3D, you can still see some shadowiness.
  • Only available in English and Chinese language
  • The PvP mode cannot be played in real time. It gets worse if you're not able to purchase the booster packs to unlock the equipment.
  • You can't play the game offline since it requires internet connection
  • Less improvement in the movement of the character
  • Where can you get Shadow Fight 3?

    The game is available for iOS and Android, and you can get it for free. The file is quite large, so you should have enough space on your device.


    Shadow Fight 3 has opened a new chapter in the history of mobile gaming. Compared to Shadow Fight 2, it's most certainly a worthy upgrade. The fighters change with every piece of gear you attach which makes the game bigger and better. Other than that, the visual presentation on the slow motion for the final blow is breathtaking. Apart from the minor flaws, the game offers a rewarding experience. There are reports that the developer is working to make things better, so we hope to see some improvements soon.

    If you are a mobile fighting game enthusiast, you should give Shadow Fight 3 a shot.

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