NBA2K18 is expected to hit PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4 by September 19 or thereabout; Android and iOS will also not be left out. The gaming environment will take on a real life demeanor to improve its realistic game model.

Graphics Technology

Graphics Difference

The game runs on the same technology initially used in powering FIFA, the Ignite Game Engine; FIFA has, however, changed to Frostbite. Ignite graphics engine might have been around for a long time; it is still the perfect engine for building impressive basketball sim featuring clear courts and convincing characters.

Furthermore, its visual prowess is something worthwhile, same for its incredible, lifelike characters with real-life-looking sweats forming rivulets down their faces, as well as their dribbling across the court perfectly suiting what transpires in real life basketball games. The game is already accumulating a phenomenal base of loyalists even before its release.

The back cover features Shaquille O’Neal in his typical, signatory pose, along with two teams he helped to win NBA championship. Game players will enjoy a great game and also have the opportunity to recreate many of the legendary in-game moments of this NBA hero.

Additionally, NBA2K18 features updated player, league and team statistics, which upgrades the game to the current state of things in the NBA. The images are picture perfect, right down to the minute details. Aside from the impressive visuals and new career mode, NBA2K18 will come with several other features. However, the reader must know that NBA is yet to reveal many features of this game.

Some features to expect

  • Newly improved, increasingly realistic visuals
  • New stats and game modes, like Pro-Am circuit and Playground Park, as well as well-known oldies, like MyLeague, MyCareer, and MyGM.
  • Gaming leisure accessible to both local and online multiplayer; it can also be played online and offline.
  • Entirely new annual cover, which showcases Shaquille O’Neal; you will recall that the same character covered the NBA 2K6 and NBA 2K7 versions of the game.
  • Its game play is derived from the 2016-17 NBA session
  • A special Legend Edition is included, which will feature Shaquille O’Neal, representing the first time this character will feature in the Legend Edition.
  • It comes in two versions, with each version featuring different cover; the first is the Legend Edition, which has Miami Heat cover, and the second is the Lakers version, which bears a Gold cover.
  • Players can choose and create their favorite players and teams from the virtual trading card collection in MyTeam mode.
  • Existing features are expected to be refined and made better.

As hinted earlier, the game will not be on sale until September 19; not until then will the entire details about this top class game be revealed.

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